Historic Bristol on the Delaware has Someone to “Crohe” About!
by Cate Murway

The Bucks County Rescue Squad, “Saving lives is our priority, but we can't do it alone”, led by Catharine “Cathy” [Ehmann] Crohe, Frankford High ‘63/ BCTHS saves lives and walks the path of engagement with those in need. The members of the BCRS volunteer squad founded 1932 in Croydon, PA are pioneers, the first to have trained Paramedics in the early 1980's, setting the pace for the very best emergency ambulance service that anyone could provide. Their permanent newly designed headquarters since May 15, 1997, is 143 King Street located on the donated land on the campus of Lower Bucks Hospital. They continue to roar to the rescue, ready for any emergency!

The Rescue Squad’s volunteers are a tight, elite group that makes a valuable contribution to our community. They provide emergency and non-emergency medical transportation and rescue services to the Borough and a percentage of Bristol Township with the utmost standards of care possible. The highly trained personnel and devoted volunteers define its history and its character, treating the patients with dignity and compassion with their heartfelt tradition of “answering the call”.
The training and rewarding life experiences one can gain make the Rescue Squad an organization that can change one’s life.

Ever humble, Cathy is embedded in our community and she is sincerely dedicated to providing the most appropriate and timely compassionate life-saving medical care. She forever welcomes the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors and the entire community. Generously, as part of the BCRS team, she provides the optimum in medical rescue services and pre-hospital care.
Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, Cathy has one brother, John Christopher “Jack”. He and his “loves to sail” family reside in Annapolis near the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the US.
Cathy has at all times exhibited a huge capacity for responsibility. She is always there and ready to assume more than her share of any load and has constantly been known for her generosity, understanding and deep sympathetic attitude.
She shared her birthdate with author Ayn Rand (born Alice Rosenbaum 1905-1982) who conveyed an irresistible ferocity of convictions with her passionate and moralistic tone.

At the age of 16, Cathy started volunteering at a local hospital as a “candy striper’. The term is derived from the red-and-white striped jumpers traditionally worn by the female volunteers who unselfishly attune to the needs of the patients. This is considerably important to the individual patients, as well as to the health care system in general. 
After high school graduation, she served as a Nurse’s Aide.
Cathy is strong and adaptable and ready to take what life has to give.
Of all the professions, nursing has the proudest and longest tradition of direct compassionate 'hands on' care.
The timelessness and importance of the ethic of nursing were acknowledged.
She earned an LPN designation and became an ambulance EMT healthcare provider. A career as an Emergency Medical Technician can be a high-adrenaline experience.
Out of the building in 3 minutes and on location in seven!
Cathy is currently a medical coding specialist at Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton, the region’s leader in advanced medicine. She previously worked at LBH in the Nursing Pool and at the Fox Chase Cancer Center where her daughter Donna also dresses in scrubs. She is a Nurse Practitioner. Her son Christopher works for Tyler Plumbing Company on 119 Otter Street and resides in the Borough.

Cathy and her husband, Harry Henry Crohe, BHS ’64, BCRS Board member/EMT have 8 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters and they are very active in their lives.
Home and family are a strong focus. Cathy at one time championed a cooperative model of leadership as an assistant Girl Scout leader.

They would love to spend every weekend at their summer home near Sea Isle.
“Our Jersey home is important but our grandkids are what we do!”
Monday nights are “Dinner at Grandmom’s”.
Three grandsons reside in the Borough. David, BHS ’12 and aspiring police officer Nicholas, BHS ’14, both participate in wrestling; and Thomas is a Snyder-Girotti 4th grade student.

When Cathy joined the Rescue Squad, she “met her matches”. She met twin Donny first.
This entire family never lowers the “Crohe”bar with their attributes of consideration and care.
Husband Harry is the Operating Training Officer at the BC Emergency Management Agency at the 911 Center in Ivyland and currently serving on the Bristol Borough Planning Commission. Added to this, Vietnam veteran Navy EN Engineman 3rd Class Petty Officer Harry is a fireman/VP of America Hose Hook & Ladder Company #2. 
Her brother-in-law, Donald Leroy “Donny”, who was an Army cook, is Vice President of the BCRS Board as well as the 1st Responder. He also serves as President of America Hose Hook & Ladder Company #2.
The “Crohe Boys” joined BCRS in October 1963 and they have been active members every year for over 43 years.
“Nothing more precious than being able to help save someone’s life.”

Cathy has served for 24 years at the BCRS, holding several leadership positions within the squad including Deputy Chief and Chief of Operations, Vice President and President of the Board.  Her efficiency matches her energy. She was responsible for scheduling while she was Chief and she once rode on the ambulance calls as the patient care provider. In reality, it was seven days a week at the BCRS.
She brings her “never say die” attitude and her vast leadership and management experiences to this position as President of the Board.

Cathy and Harry love living in the “family town” of historic Bristol on the Delaware in their Jackson Street home. The main selling points were the driveway and the aesthetic appeal of the original permanent built-in corner cabinet.
Their pet Toby is a lively West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as a Westie. He commands their attention while they attempt to enjoy their favorite forensics show, the American crime drama television series, “Bones”.
The town offers fun food finds and great desserts! Cathy loves “Mary’s Gourmet Donut Shoppe” donuts at the Bristol Amish Market, especially the cinnamon donuts. Harry is partial to the cream filled selections and coconut custard is his first choice. They have been repeat winners in Mary’s ‘donut of the month’ contest.

Oftentimes the donuts get pushed aside and the steamy coffee grows cold.
As we see the sun replaced with night, we know from past experience that when we need them, they are there.

History is preoccupied with winners, with the deeds of glory, the actions and reactions.
The Bucks County Rescue Squad is successful because of its highest caliber of volunteer activism in the mitigation of emergencies. The ethic of care and compassion is their core.

The Borough truly has someone to “Crohe” about!
Thank you, Cathy for your tenacity and perseverance.

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Catharine “Cathy” [Ehmann] and Harry H. Crohe
1.7.90  Courier Times