Sean Syncs Skills in Sports and Scholastics
by Cate Murway

"I am so proud of all Sean has accomplished, but I am not surprised. From the time he was little, Sean has shown incredible work ethic and heart in everything he has done whether on the athletic field or in the classroom. He has grown into a wonderful young man and I truly admire the humility and grace with which he receives his accolades. He is a great kid and I'm honored to be able to call him my cousin."
Theresa Coughlin, VJM ’03 valedictorian

Concentration, confidence, control and commitment [the 4C's] are generally considered the required core mental qualities that are crucial for successful performance.
Inaudibly, but powerfully, enters the fifth “C”.
Sean Henry Coughlin, BHS ’13, who has exhibited concentration, the ability to maintain his focus; confidence, belief in his own abilities; control, managing organization regardless of distractions; and commitment, his determined ability to continue working toward his goals.
Sean is an accomplished three-sport athlete, captain of all three sports, and a high achieving student, bringing his hard work, teamwork, and dedication to the table.

Sean is the second born of Anthony Michael and Rosemary [McManus] Coughlin, the namesake of his late maternal grandfather, Henry. The eldest is Amy Rose, BHS ’99 and Sean is followed by Aidan Patrick, BHS ’15 and the youngest, Micheala Kathleen, who is named for their paternal grandmother, Kathleen Coughlin. His niece is Quinn Kathleen. Family and traditions are important.
His favorite color is green. “It’s a refreshing color and represents my heritage- Irish green.”
Both of his parents come from very big families. His dad, Tony is second youngest of three brothers and three sisters and his mom, Rosemary is the youngest of six. Both of Sean’s grandmothers live relatively near and his family is consistently supportive.

The Coughlins reside on Madison Street.
“Everything is in walking distance. It’s a very nice community. Everything I want is within a mile.”
Sean is a National Honor Society student and was invited to participate in the ‘Best of the Class 2013’.
“My parents have always pushed me to do well in school. They are basically the quintessence of what parents should be. It’s basically them. Now I do it for myself. I’ve been first in my class for the last three years and I’m on track to be valedictorian. I’m very competitive. I am a good student and I represent the community well.”
His positive altruistic actions impact all ages. Sean has voluntarily coached the youth basketball and baseball camps, giving the Bristol Borough children a good example. He also volunteers at the Senior Activity Center on Wood Street, including mopping the floors during the summer.
“I think we made the seniors day!”

Sean learned his lessons well.
“My dad is my biggest role model. He always set a good example and pushes me to do my best. I want to someday make my kids feel the same way he makes me feel.”

He is looking forward to the college experience.
Chemistry is his favorite subject. “Dr. William Smith is a great teacher and keeps us really involved. It’s hard and challenging and I really like it. I like it a lot.” He is a member of the Chemistry Club and he appreciates the speakers who come in to explain available opportunities.
Sean is currently deciding between Temple University and Seton Hall University to secure a degree in engineering or accounting. “They fit me and my personality.”

Being a proficient athlete, sports have always provided additional structure for him.
“The town is great with recreational programs.” Sean was introduced to baseball skills when he started with t-ball at the Bristol Memorial/Mike Manto Little League Field.
“Lou Persichetti was one of my first coaches. He’s a great guy!”
‘The Bristol 30’s’ was sponsored by Jeffrey Paul Manto, BHS ‘82 whose major league number was 30.

Young people playing the game of baseball and having fun are examples of how the game should be played… for enjoyment, but athletes always remember their most disciplined coaches.
“I’m a lefty, so I played first base. I play center field now.”
Baseball was Jeff Manto’s best sport, evidenced by his Major League accomplishments.
“We learned how to play.”

Sean played Fall baseball until middle school when he started playing football. Coach Leo Plenski led the winning BHS team in 2012. They were District One Class A Football Champions, BAL League Champions, Independence Division Champions and they proceeded to the State Quarter finals [Eastern State Semifinals]. Sean merited Golden Team All Area-First Team in the Bucks County Courier newspaper and he was selected to play in the Bucks County Lions Club All-Star Football Game.

Basketball coach Frank Sciolla is passionate in his quest to “wake up the echoes” and Sean shared his skills as the point guard, play maker or "the ball-handler," when he made the transition from football to basketball along with his brother, Aidan after the Warriors advanced to the state quarterfinals.
“My dad was not really a big sports guy but he sure has become one with me and my brother.”

Sean has been chosen to receive the “Courier-Kiwanis Scholar-Athlete” award. Athletic Director, Gregory Ernest Pinelli stated emphatically, "It was very well deserved."

He stays fueled with his mom’s cooking. A favorite dish is her chicken with spinach and asparagus and cream sauce but he’s still basically a pizza guy. “Cesare’s has great pizza!”

A lot of kids feel uncomfortable when they can no longer see the Grundy clock tower.
Sean is ready to expand his horizons but when he graduates from college, he plans on giving back to the Borough.
“There is a strong small town feeling here. Everyone has your back. I would like to change people’s perspective about Bristol. I love the town.”

Shine on, Sean.
The future is here. It just hasn’t been distributed yet.

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