Collectors Corner Bristol corners the WOW Factor
by Cate Murway

The best stuff is the stuff you buy just because you love it!

Collectors Corner Trading Post at 401 Mill Street is a virtual treasure trove of high-quality, intriguing items tastefully displayed throughout the store. The cleverly arranged physical displays showcase interesting selections and collectibles, a terrific way to welcome and engage patrons. 
Everyone is sure to find a little bit of magic inside.
John Lodise, a Penn State Abington Management and Marketing grad and his wife, Norma opened their marketplace on September 1st, after having begun with space in the Bristol Antiques Market. 
The couple met when Norma was selling women’s fashion and accessories at Urban Planet Clothing & Apparel and John was the Manager at Wilson Leather Outlet at Franklin Mills. 
They have a 9-year-old son, Anthony. “Anthony helps sometimes in the store.”

John started “wheeling and dealing in antiques and collectibles. It was fun to hunt for the stuff. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. I remember selling pens in school.” He is also the proprietor of the “Johnny Washer Window Cleaning” business.
John’s father, Vince is a retired automobile car mechanic and his mother, Barb was a homemaker. John initially started working with collectible cars, “fixing them up and selling them.” One of his first vehicles was an ’81 Chevette, an entry-level commuter subcompact and then his collection just grew.

He sold all his accrued cars and he and Norma purchased a home, a West Bristol home that was “fully furnished with older things. We had ghosts!” It was then that Norma started appreciating vintage as well, “old, unique, quirky things”.
They feel the lure of antiques and enjoy the rummaging hunt, especially in Antiques Capital, USA, Adamstown, near Lancaster, in the heart of scenic Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The collector couple travels far to get their fix and they make memories while looking for treasures, finding them and buying them. “We’re going through the world holding hands together.” 
Their searching treks continued on their travels to Chincoteague Island, Virginia, as they ardently sought finds that would capture their imaginations, pursuing each with joy and passion.

“It all came together at once. I’d find cool pieces in flea markets, yard sales, buy box lots at auctions, and buy out houses or businesses.” As for historic Bristol on the Delaware, “We love the whole store, the location and the humbleness of the town.” Their Mill Street storefront was once occupied by Abraham “Abe” and Rose Popkin, owners of the chain of four shoe stores including this one on Mill Street, and most recently, it was home to t.s. Cornerstone Books & Café.
Parallel parking is available right out in front and across the street from their Collectors Corner, plus additional ample parking in the Mill Street Parking lot.

Inside, there is something for everyone!
Peruse selections of vintage vinyl records, collectible books and glassware, home decorations, jewelry, toys, an upright pinball machine, electronics, tools, framed artwork, painted shipping containers/barrels [perfect for storing holiday ornaments!], a crafted ceramic woven basket, retro lava lamps, one of a kind birdcages and clocks, slot machines, a safe lock box, vintage and original peddle cars and dime candy for the kids. They really have such a mix. Everything in the store is for sale.

They are very selective with the clothing, displaying ‘Straight OUTTA Bristol’ shirts, USA socks and some of the “Convicted/ Prison Art” shirts line. They carry “only new clothing, except for the leather jackets.” 
Also, as a philanthropic community project, they have generously provided space for free laundered school clothing for the kids.

“That’s the idea! All unique and special! We don’t own anything in this life. We just rent it. When we leave, it’s still here.” Their specialty is everything!
John and Norma’s autobiographies just may be inscribed in their Collector’ Corner.

Humans collect on an emotional plane but often it is still difficult to exactly pinpoint why a particular object is appealing. An item may have caught an eye.... or a heart.... for any number of reasons including nostalgia, aesthetic appeal, or merely an affinity for the time period it was produced, sparking connections.
Favorite finds are often pieces with a history.
Collectors Corner is a “snapshot of variety”, delightfully unique and filled with antique!

The Lodises are members of the Bristol Borough Business Association.
BBBA administrative coordinator Shea Wendowski Cialella, confirmed, it’s an “Awesome store and people! So many unique items and the store is clean and well organized!”
John and Norma will carry a supply of the BBBA ‘Passport Stay Local Holiday Campaign’ passports in their store.
Pick up a Passport at Collector's Corner and enter to win $250.00 when the passport is stamped the required number of times between November 24th and December 20th, 2017.

Mill Street is made for walkin’ and that’s just what you’ll do, to find a remarkable shopping experience, a perfect fit for you! The Blues Brothers will welcome you to an adventure, a journey in Collectors Corner.
Patrons can even find a ‘Box for Requests’ conveniently situated at the cashier counter.

The Lodise family can’t wait to meet you, or see you again! 

A 10% Military Discount is extended in appreciation to all Veterans.

Collectors Corner Bristol/ Trading Post
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