Real Meaning of Christmas…. You Can Find It
by Cate Murway

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Give of yourself.

Is it the gifts under the tree, the lights sparkling in the windows, the myriad of cards in the mail, turkey dinners shared with family and friends, perhaps snow in the yard, stockings hung by the chimney, and shouts of "Merry Christmas" to those who pass us in the streets? Is this really Christmas?
What is Christmas?
Christmas comes from the Old English words Cristes moesse, 'the mass or festival of Christ'.

“For everyone to remember that the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ is the true celebration of Christmas.” 
Jeannie Vazquez, Bristol

Reminder: Your presence is the BEST present.
You CAN find the true meaning and embody the true spirit.

So….. just ask.

"All I want for Christmas is to enjoy the day with my family and to have peace, happiness, good health, and prosperity.” Joy Borsavage, Bristol 

“To see my Goddaughter.” Rod Benjamin, Huntingdon Valley

“All I want for Christmas is for my children to be happy and healthy and the continued strengthening and growth of my marriage, for God to allow those that wish me well to walk into my life, for those that wish me Ill to walk out of my life, and for those standing in the doorway to move because they are blocking traffic.”  Kaerissa Nelms, Bristol

“Good health for all my family and friends!” Carolyn Freitas Irelan, Newtown

“All I want for Christmas is... My family to be happy and healthy and to grow closer to lost family.” 
Rosalie Berrocal, Bristol.

Many continue praying for healing and renewed strength.

“I have two wishes this season. 1. Is my Mom to kept fighting and kick cancer’s A$$!
2. Is happiness and peace for my family. Merry Christmas to you and your family.Thank you."
  Diane Lalli, Bristol

“NO SNOW!!! Good health for the new year.” Lena Souza, Levittown

“I want to get out of the hospital and be well for Christmas.” Millie Schwendiman-Coder, Bristol

“All I want for Christmas is for my mom to get better and be in the Christmas spirit.” 
Happy Holidays, Melanie, Bristol

Some utter powerful prayers for peace in a world filled with conflict.

“World Peace!”  author Harold Mitchener, Bristol

“Peace and happiness.” Donna Love, Harmony, PA

“World Peace.” Leslie Waxwing, Vernon, CT

“Peace throughout the world, good will for everyone, cure for all cancers and other issues.”
Carol Protack, Newark, DE

“For peace on earth and cure for cancer ... And maybe a set of golf clubs if it's not too much trouble.” 
John Ruszin, Bristol

“Peace on Earth.” Cookie Fennessy, Bristol

“Peace on Earth and health.” Suzy Hronec, Cranberry Twp., PA

Looking perhaps for a brighter future….. a wish?

“Is for truly wise men and woman to rise to power in our country and in all the nations throughout the world!” 
Susan Zanino Corleto, Langhorne

“Agree with Susan Zanino Corleto but sadly, it's not looking good!” Denise Strack, Willingboro, NJ

Family and friends are truly who are most important.

“After two miscarriages, I really want my daughter to have a smooth and successful pregnancy and I hope to hold my Christmas present on her due date of June 21. Asking for good health for the family, a great 1st year in college. What makes the world go round is better lives for our children; I want them to have a better life than I'm able to give them.” Mary Walker, Bristol

“Health and prosperity for my family.” Photographer/RE agent Coleen McCrea Katz, Havertown

“For my children to know what it is like to grow up without constant fear of all that is happening in the world today.” Michele Thurber Schmukler, Bristol

“Is to reach my goal of helping 2000 kids receive a Christmas. I’m at 1538...” 
Gabrielle M. Fab, Bristol

“... My children to be healthy, happy and to use their God given talents to the fullest.” 
Tracy Bautz Hollister, Newtown

“For my 4 kids to be truly blessed, as well as my 3 grandchildren.”
Deb Richardson, McIntyre, Missanelli, Bristol

“For all the children in this world to be able to play outside without finding needles or drug paraphernalia, or the fear of being abducted or to get caught up in a shooting. To feel safe in school without mass shootings or bomb threats. To have their parents have jobs so they are not homeless or hungry. For kids to be able to just be kids and worry only about being a kid!”  Cathy M. Donohue, Levittown 

“All I want for Christmas is health and happiness for my family and friends and neighbors.”
Jeannine Van Buren, Bristol

Yet, love prevails and levity lingers…..

“All I really want is for my family to be happy and healthy at Christmas and in 2016…but I also wouldn’t mind a massive snowstorm on the evening of January 3 to extend Christmas vacation just a little longer!” Melissa Amour, Levittown

“My youth.......” Jim Haldeman, Bristol

“To relive a Christmas from my youth.” Mary Ann Tyler, Bensalem

…and sadly, miracles, always, a miracle; a wish and not a reality for some.

“My two-year-old daughter back from God.” Megan Ivey, Bristol

“My Friend Mike Bevan Back...I know that is on to Team Bevan 2016....Green jerseys this year - his favorite color....” Mill Street Run competitor, Bob Mulligan, Raleigh, NC

“I want my Sister’s Cancer to be cured!” artist Thomas P. “Tom” Furey, III, Levittown

Keeping it simple…the little things ARE the BIG things….

“All I want for Christmas is to see my children smile.” Colleen Britt, Bristol

Christmas is a wonderfully magical time but it often it becomes more commercial than yesteryear. 
Connect with others. Get together. Strengthen bonds. Laugh. Talk. Love. 
Give the gift of living better. Be kinder, gentler, and show more courage and compassion and forgiveness as year 2015 closes, and the new year, 2016 begins. 
Have yourself a caring little Christmas……..

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photographer: John Danks