Counting on Convenience
by Cate Murway

Running on empty?
Dash on down to the new Bristol MiniMart
at 318 Mill Street.
Welcome Ravinder “Kumar” Sharda
to the growing and increasingly
important segment of the economy -
the single store entrepreneur.
He aspires to bring you the convenience
you want, when you need it, for your on-the-go lifestyle.

The ways we consume caffeine have continued to evolve - at home, at work and on the go, so stop in and stir up your “Java for Your Journey “ with some flavored creamers for that warm welcome ubiquitous cup of coffee or uplifting tea. You can get a coffeeshop taste without the expense! Enjoy the distinctive taste of their fresh roasted Law coffee or select a refreshing cold beverage like a seriously hydrating, electrolyte replenishing bottle of Powerade.
A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

Late afternoon and evening cravings? Whether it is ice cream or salty chips, chocolates or crunchy pretzels – or perhaps, one of everything, they have it for you- 7:00AM-9:00PM.
Quick and courteous service, your home for convenience all the day through, to get you on your way!

Kumar’s aim is to have almost everything under the sun or at least all the everyday affordable popular items - sundry bits and pieces, health & beauty aids, lighters, batteries, Energy Shots, Little Tree Air Fresheners, gardening gloves and general merchandise, including stationery items. Coming soon- fishing supplies, bags of ice and lottery tickets! Food stamps will be accepted shortly.

Kumar was born in India. His mom, Suhagwanti, still resides in India
and his late dad was Ragubanslal, called “Sharda”.
He was employed previously, driving for the “long haul” for CXI Trucking.
“This is my first business.”
Kumar often walked about the town with his family,
his wife Samarjit “Samar” and their two daughters, Neha and Mehak.
They noticed there was no convenience store on Mill Street.

This year looks to be a challenging year for all businesses, young and old, large and small but the economic downturn has failed to halt growth in the convenience stores. Well, because they are convenient! People still need to eat and they still need to drink. They snack on the go.
Demand for small, medium-sized retail outlets is clearly rising, specifically within residential neighborhoods.
But businesses can't be successful if they don't continue to meet the needs of their customers. Period. There should be few activities as important as finding out what your customers want in products and to meet those specific needs.
Kumar’s first thoughts were snacks and candy but he asks his customers to name the items they would like to see in his store in the future and his goal is to comply. Check back for artist Joe Sagolla’s historic Bristol on the Delaware originals on cards! The Bristol MiniMart will also stock postage stamps. Perfect for “wish you were here!”
He has successfully combined his persistent attitude, dedication and desire with his core values of quality, integrity and service. Essential in launching any business!
“In this town the people are very friendly. The Borough is very helpful and they welcomed me.”

Navneet Kaur, also born in India, does warehouse clerical work
and is Kumar’s business partner.
Navneet’s parents, also US residents,
are Bant Singh and Manjeet Kaur.
Her husband, Harpal “Paul” Singh at times assists at the store.
They all agree, “The neighborhood is so friendly.”
While their initial goal was to open one store,
expansion plans are in the near future.
Is it very different here in America?
“In India there’s not a lot of freedom for the girls.
Girls don’t drive a lot over there. I have my own car!”

The customers pop in and chat for a moment.
Snyder-Girotti 6th grader Imani Mack is pleased that the store is on Mill Street. “I come in for a Butterfinger and a “Little Hug” tropical punch. I think the shop is cool!”

                                                                             Locals, Pennco Tech lab assistant Richard Lounsbury and his 14-                                                                                               month-old son Lucas frequent the store.


                                                                                                    New found friend, Terrance Sisco
                                                                                                    often joins the short friendly queue
                                                                                                     at the Bristol MiniMart.

                                  Leticia Ayala and Pass & Stow employee, Corey Miles
                                                          stop in to stock up with snacks.

Need a last minute gift? The Bristol MiniMart carries an assortment of Indian costume jewelry including stone studded bracelets and a variety of decorative wooden key rings.
Leaving town? Check their selection of brand name trial size personal care products, headache and muscle relief medicine, toiletries and accessories for travelers and people on the go.
Disposable cups and paper napkins, household cleaning products and cans of pet food are neatly arranged on the shelves.
Choose from packaged cotton T-shirts and tank tops in black or white for only $5.00.

Who doesn’t like ice cream bars, sandwiches and ice pops? These treats are popular desserts all year round, beloved by the young and young at heart. P.S. The patent for frozen ice on a stick was issued August 19, 1924.
Find the latest magazines and newspapers and pick up a Bristol Borough calendar.
They are stocking school supplies and markers, motor oil and windshield washer fluid,
chewing gum and mints and Tic-Tacs galore. Take your pick at this convenience store.
There's something for everyone!

Service beyond expectation…how convenient is that?
Welcome to historic Bristol on the Delaware!

Bristol MiniMart
Convenience Store
318 Mill Street
Bristol, PA  19007
7:00 AM – 9:00 PM