Just in the “NIC” of Time
by Cate Murway

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” Fred Rogers [1928-2003]

Nicole Marie Paleafico, BHS ’04 has apPARENTly learned from the best. Nicole’s father, Jeffrey Joseph Paleafico works at Lower Bucks Hospital as a first responder in the Maintenance Department.
Nicole, too, is a responder. She has stepped up to “assist in the rejuvenation of a family-friendly Bristol Borough” with her Bristol Borough Teen Foundation, in response to a lamenting call from her very own sister, 13-year-old- Melanie Jo, a 7th grade Snyder-Girotti student. 
It all began during a face book conversation with her friend Leah Freudenberger- Vitale, BHS ‘04 [who has assumed the role of Foundation treasurer] while she was listening to her sister complaining that “she is bored”.
A decision to turn that around was the impetus for this cutting edge, non-profit Bristol Borough Teen Foundation. 

The future is here…. It just has not been distributed yet.
Nicole’s dad, her mom, Kelly Ann [Kowal] Paleafico, and her step-mom Sandra [Tomlinson] Paleafico all assist her with the Foundation. President Nicole and her committed Board members, VP Daniel Severino, a graphic designer who donates his talents and creates the Foundation’s flyers and tickets designs; Treasurer Leah; and Secretary Leann Saez, also a BHS graduate, run a very tight team.

Their unified goal is to keep children interacting with each other, “off the streets, off their cell phones and out of trouble.”
Their Movie Nights held in the Snyder- Girotti Elementary School [Large Group Instruction/LGI Room], 450 Beaver Street, is for the entire family! Exciting, innovative events are always in the planning, including Dodge Ball Night/ Scrabble Night / a ‘Checks & Balances’ financial program / Cooking Nights/ and a Beef & Bowl. Special needs programs are also in the Foundation forecast. 
Another awesome activity to bring the family together will be their action-packed Spring picnic.

Nicole and her team are at all times aiming to please with their imagination and creativity. Sign in and present a School ID proving Bristol Borough residency and feel free to complete a general survey suggesting other activities that could be scheduled.

“Even though my own children are grown I'm excited to see Nicole's vision for the teens in Bristol grow. She worked hard to organize a good supportive group to give something back to her home town. It seems like Bristol eliminated quite a few activities for this age group like the movie theatre , dances and the summer park program to name a few. Even though this is a new generation, Nicole is trying to peak their interest and create events that will get them involved along with their friends.”  John Ruszin
Nicole offered her sincere thanks. “John is one of our biggest supporters and a member of Parents and Teens. He goes to all the functions.”

“I think Nicole and the rest of the committee are doing a phenomenal job on making time to help the kids of Bristol staying off the street and giving them great things to do. Awesome!!!!!” Theresa Biggins

“I love Star Wars movies, spending time with my friends and eating popcorn. The adults were all really nice and they gave us the popcorn. I would like more of my friends to come so I will tell my friends about it.” 
Riley Nicole Rodriquez, Snyder-Girotti 4th grader

FUNdraising keeps the Foundation afloat and terrific neighbors have invested in the dream.
Jayne McPherson-Young, proprietor of “Got Wine?” 483 Pond Street donated $125.00 to their start-up. Kelly Cochran, owner of Nona’s Loving Care Learning Center, 100 Prospect Street donated usage of her water for the Foundation Car Wash last June, assuring that the total of 75 cars left sparkling clean for just a $5.00 donation from the RR Station parking lot. Kelly and her husband Dave have continued to be active members of the Bristol Borough Teen Foundation Corporation.

Nicole and her squad invite everyone to share the vision.
She and the Board members have made their black Foundation t-shirts with the white logo available for only $15.00. Foundation hooded sweatshirts, also designed by Cpl. Joseph Richard “Joe” Stanley at his “Nameless Prints Arts & Marketing”, 219 Mill Street are selling for only $25.00. 

Or join them for an inexpensive fun evening where parents and guardians can get together for only $25.00 per person, including food and beer or soda with a private bar, and DJ Michael Favoroso’s music. 

Tickets will be $30.00 at the door.
This “Beef & Beer” for adults only [over 21] will be held at the Bristol Pub on Saturday, February 27th from 7-11:00pm. Per Janice, the Pub event coordinator, all will be required to sign in to receive a wristband, provided by the pub. Make your reservation today. bbteenfoundation@gmail.com

Are you a parent with a child between the ages of 12-17?
It’s your turn to be heard, on Tuesday March 1st from 6:30-7:30pm at the Margaret R. Grundy Library. 
The Bristol Borough Teen Foundation meeting is open to all who are interested in getting information and getting involved. Family and community are extremely important.

Mission statement
“As the Bristol Borough Teen Foundation, we will offer unbiased, adult-sponsored events, where Borough teens can reliably seek support, enjoyment, and recreation. BBTF aims to assist in the rejuvenation of a family-friendly Bristol Borough.”

Her story isn’t over yet….. Nicole has only just begun!

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