Get In Touch with the Past at Bristol Antiques Market
by Cate Murway

With the current trend toward everything new, where do antiques fit in? 
Despite the modern “IKEA” age of utter convenience, or perhaps because of it, enthusiasm for historic treasures remains undiminished. Items coveted and the reasons for seeking them out offer a truly eclectic mix. Historical or cultural significance, monetary value, or just simply their original beauty may be behind loving antiques. 

The Bristol Antiques Market is establishing a new home for nostalgic collections on an old footprint.
Merchant and civic leader/President of the Chamber of Commerce, Louis [wife, Eva] Dries’ Furniture Store once occupied the 329 Mill Street location. The firm was later run by his son, Samuel Dries, Esq.

Lovers of antiques will treasure the historical aspect of Karla Elizabeth [Aguirre] Sloan’s collection of vendor spaces. One can peruse and muse, “Who sipped tea from this cup; who soothed a baby to sleep in this rocking chair?” The powerful ability of antiques to amuse, educate and re-tell a story is a potent attraction.
Antiques are like old books. They hold a limitless universe of knowledge waiting patiently to be revealed.
By evoking the essence of a bygone era, antiques bring us closer to the past. 

The newly opened Bristol Antiques Market already offers a large selection of antiques vendors.
Viet Nam veteran, AMS3 William Charles “Bill” Brown attends Pennco Tech in the HVAC program and he
restores yellow fog lights but he still finds TIME, rebuilding clocks from their original works, so they sound like they should. “If I sell them, they will be perfect”. His business runs like clockwork.

Bill’s late father-in-law, William J. Schnauffer, Jr. from Baden-Baden, located in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany, a phenomenal quality furniture builder for Oskar Huber, was such a powerful inspiration for him.
Bill’s vendor space is packed with wooden German wall clocks. He likes them for the gearing and the works and he “loves to chase the history”. No SECOND guessing for him, “I love the sound of them; they remind me of the church chimes”.
Bill builds and sells and restores clocks. “He has so much love for what he does”, Karla shared.

The market features “artisans, makers, creators and curators exclusively selling one of a kind, antique, vintage, architectural salvage, up-cycled and handcrafted items” in a price friendly, family welcome, comfortable, enjoyable and eye pleasing environment, brimming with coveted treasures. Karla enthusiastically and painstakingly keeps unique, small and micro businesses in mind with her ultimate goal of nurturing the connection between these small businesses and their customers.

Karla was born and raised in El Salvador. She and her husband, USMC Lance Corporal Andrew Sloan, the co-proprietor of Sloan’s Thrift on 220 Bristol Pike [Route 13, have 2 daughters, Victoria and Gabriella. Karla previously worked in retail as an assistant manager in the Kenneth Cole Outlet in Franklin Mills. She has always enjoyed working with the customers. 
Her Bristol Antiques Market is the premier antique vendor market in Bristol Borough, PA. Karla and her assistant, Maria Costilla do a phenomenal job of welcoming both the customers and the vendors! 
Dullness and Mrs. Sloan cannot exist in the same room. 

So, come in. Find a treasure. A single historical piece in your décor can add character, romance or even a personal statement to your home. “Unique items are a conversation piece!”
Be guided by your taste, historical interests and sense of fun.

There are merchandise surprises all around including jewelry, kitchen items, books, vintage dishes, Mason jar candles, furniture pieces, chairs and tea carts and hutches, country décor medal stars and candle rings and handcrafted quilts; a tremendous assortment of goods and everything is for sale!

Rich Vallejo showcases some of his treasures from his “Another Time Antiques” at 301 Mill Street.
Margo’s area entices with dollhouses and furnishings and old records. Janet’s “The Coop” boasts her wooden signs and home décor items. Doug and Rick sell soap, candles and tied-dyed shirts and critters created from tools and even kitchen forks. 
Get your fashion fix! Costume creators provide vintage clothing pieces, accessories and adornments for your perfect “get-up” to get out. Beadz Rock semi-precious and precious stones, vintage and fine glass jewelry speaks on many levels with eye catching artistic designs. Karla’s sister Vilma’s selection of hair bows named for her daughter are spring perfect options for your hair.

Want to become a vendor? Come in, prepared to provide your own hardware, tables and shelves and signs for your goods. There is room for lots of creativity for staging.
And there is even a “second story”…. more spaces upstairs. 
Become a Bristol Antiques Market entrepreneur!

Artisan gallery booth spaces of various sizes are available with a three month lease before the lease converts to a month-to-month arrangement. Individuals rent space to sell merchandise that they select and display and Bristol Antiques Market keeps a modest 6% commission fee of sales. 
Contact Karla Sloan today [267.812.5222 or
329 Mill Street
Bristol, PA 19007
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00AM–6:00PM / Sunday: 11:00AM–5:00PM/ closed Monday

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from left Andrew Sloan, owner Karla Sloan, 
Mayor Joe Saxton, 
Peter Collipp [co-owner of Sloan's Thrift]