Better Than Ever, LLC is just that!
by Cate Murway

This name was originally supposed to be for her restaurant offering a dining experience with a perennial taste of summer, but Christina Jean Ortiz kept the name for her gift store that is “Better Than Ever, LLC.” It is truly just that.
Good old-fashioned hospitality never hurt anyone. Her big smile and great attitude will always help lure in shoppers, and keep them coming back.
The honorable
Mayor Joseph A. Saxton
attended the grand opening
on September 18th.

Christina and her partner/daughter, Michele add items to their fun gift shop on a regular basis, so please check back often. Let them know if there are other gift shop items that you would like to see added in the future.
This unique specialty shop offers an eclectic assortment of treasures at an equally diverse range of prices to tickle your fancy within their 2100 square feet.
“You're Always a Winner” when you shop at "Better than Ever."

Christina and Michele began going to the casinos together and “got to thinking” about spending their money in a different manner. The casinos were exciting places to visit.
Playing the games was an enjoyable experience and the lure of winning money added to their excitement but the two of them jointly decided that if they continued to just go to the casinos, “we won’t have anything!”
Now they buy anything they like and tote it back with themselves in their SUV KIA or green pick up.
A niece, Vivian, got them hooked on going to auctions and this is where they acquire most of their merchandise to resell.

When the ubiquitous national photo chain Ritz camera, photographic retail and photofinishing specialty stores went out of business, they purchased some of the liquidated stock to take to flea markets to sell. While marketing their purchases in Columbus and Atco, NJ they dreamed up a way to exhibit their very strong desire to become entrepreneurs. Christina and Michele with help from Arides have created their own bargain-hunter's paradise with all new stuff, collectibles, crafts, and one-of-a-kind finds. Come visit "Better than Ever" for a shopping experience of browsing and buying.

The Otter Street residents are originally from Woodbury, NJ. Christina’s husband, Manolo Ortiz, a retired vacuum cleaner/sewing machine and industrial engine repairman, was only 58 years old when he was killed in a car accident on Route 295 in 2005. They raised 3 daughters together, Piedmont Airlines/ US Airways Express flight attendant, Adrienne [daughters Desaree and Loren]; business partner Michele, who works for NJEA legal services as a senior clerk/typist in the Member Rights Department [children Amber, Ashland and Aaron]; and Arides, who is employed in the secretarial/ clerical field, who assists with the "Better than Ever" store decorations.
Nephew, Ricky Williams helped them “get the store up and running”.

Grandson Aaron [11] helps run the register and the credit card machine, learning his marketing skills at a young age.
Christina used some of the settlement monies from her husband’s accident to start this business. “He would have approved.”
Their unique Gift Shop is a treasure trove, having a super assortment of stuff!

Hard economical times bring consumers shopping for deals.
For collectors, there is an assortment of Barbie dolls, the “Teen-age Fashion Model” cultural icon doll that officially debuted March 9,1959.
p.s. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Christina and Michele have done research to find nostalgic candy
and some truly unique treats.
They have located a vendor of Necco’s Sky bars,
“the candy box in a bar” that were first announced
to the public in 1938 by means of a dramatic
skywriting advertising campaign.
Sky bars are a molded chocolate bar
having four distinctly different centers, fudge, vanilla, peanut and caramel, enrobed in chocolate.
Check them out in the “Christina’s Sweet Things” section of “Better Than Ever”.

This mother-daughter team doesn’t just work well together. Their synchronized, goal-directed actions are nothing new, but they feel that their brain waves sync, also.
They both enjoy watching food shows. Michele’s favorite is “Hell’s Kitchen” where Chef Gordon Ramsay “grills” ambitious hopefuls, putting them through rigorous culinary challenges and testing them to see who can handle the pressure of a fast-paced kitchen.
The “Food Network” caters to "avid food lovers by focusing on food information and instructional cooking programming" and draws Christina’s attention.
They have made certain that you also can add a stunning sparkle and guaranteed sophistication and style to your dining experiences by offering wholesale items at reasonable prices in their store, including contemporary design Wolfgang Puck selected items.
[Wolfgang Johannes Puck (born Wolfgang Johannes Topfschnig July1949) is an Austrian celebrity chef, restaurateur, and businessman.]

Stroll through their gift shop to check out the unique bargains.
You can get a wake-up call that can't be beat with an incredibly detailed replica of a full drum set that wakes you with a jazzy drum solo plus a “Good Morning” greeting.
This $30.00 drum set clock from Harriet Carter sells for only $12.00 at “Better Than Ever”.
Then shower to your favorite tunes! The clear radio sound “Surfin' Duck” AM/FM water resistant radio can be taken in the shower with you.

Looking for ways to keep toddlers busy during travel?
Pick up a “Noah and the Ark” activity pad,
it’s perfect for on-the-go busy little fingers.
Then of course, no one is ever too young or too old
to play music.  A lightweight, handy, and
easy for children to play, electric piano keyboard
is phenomenal for the aspiring pianist. 
Capture those musical “Kodak” moments
and then showcase them in your choice of an assortment of “event” picture frames.

Need a last minute gift?
Purchase a reusable inflatable tabletop centerpiece birthday cake for your dieting friends. It’s 24 inches tall and operates on 4 AA batteries (not included). It resembles a two-layered birthday cake, complete with frosting and big lit birthday candles, easily inflating your good wishes to more than just hot air.

Wonder what your loose change is worth?
On Wednesdays through October, and Wednesdays and Fridays starting in November, come in for a fast, fair, professional free coin value appraisal. Expert Bill Snow is very knowledgeable in the gold and coin business after his 4 decades of experience.
Christina and Michele met him through the Grand Market Place in Willingboro and the Columbus Market in Columbus, N.J.

Need seasonal holiday decorations? Hurry, Halloween is right around the corner!
Select from a myriad of decorated pumpkin candles or a 30” self-standing fiber optic pumpkin stack topped with a black cat in a witch’s hat. There are also wooden wall hangings and “ghost” light garlands, as well as scarecrows from which to choose.

Seniors are eligible to receive a 15% discount on their purchases.
Gifts of $20.00 or more are wrapped at no charge. Find the perfect present, have it wrapped and be on your way! Christina and Michele will gladly take care of shipping your purchases. You pay the shipping and they do the work.
N.B. Michele will be offering reliable, professional Notary services in the near future.

Mention this article and get 10% off your purchases of $20.00 or more.

Better Than Ever, LLC
Monday-Friday 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday 11:00 AM- 4:00 PM
222 Bristol Pike [Route 13]
Bristol, PA  19007

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