School is COOL!
by Cate Murway

Primary education has been mandatory in every state in the USA since 1918.
Whether the summer is spent recuperating and relaxing, or working and sneaking in mini-vacations, the transition to the regular routine of the school week may be an almost daunting challenge OR a much anticipated event, a cause for celebration.

Let’s hear their takes!

Aidan Mark Quattrocchi will be attending 7th grade in Bristol Borough Jr-Sr High School. He feels his strengths are math and social studies. His intended school sports will include basketball and track and he currently commands the midfield position on the St. Mark soccer team.
This summer he traveled to Spain with his family, an incredible, memorable Christmas present from his grandparents.
“I went cliff jumping from stairs on a rock wall!” 

Back in Bristol, he rode bikes with his friends and worked a summer job along with his father Angelo Quattrocchi at their family owned CBM Bristol Fuel. Under the leadership of his grandfather, Angelo Quattrocchi, the coal yard was transformed into a fuel oil business and building material supplier.
“I worked in the yard or did filing inside. I liked filing better; there was air-conditioning!”
Aidan enjoyed reading the action-packed Masterminds, written by New York Times bestselling author Gordon Korman. The intriguing book is set in Serenity, NM where honesty and integrity are valued above all else with a twist; realizing that the ideal crime-free community is connected to some of the greatest criminal masterminds ever known.
Excited about the new school year? “Well, I can drive to school with my mom!”

As our educators go back to work, let’s wish them well and pray for their success. 
Teacher appreciation should be an EVERY day event; they affect the future by making a heartfelt investment in our youth.
BHS English 11 and 12 teacher, Heather Lynn Quattrocchi is ALWAYS ready.

"The butterflies have started arriving; any teacher, whether a newbie or a seasoned veteran, should be feeling them. That’s right; I said “feeling” them, not seeing them. Students aren’t the only ones who sense bits of anxious anticipation as August comes to an end. Those back to school flutters happen for teachers too. One of the best aspects of being a teacher is that September is a fresh start; each year provides new opportunities and possibilities. It’s a great perk. The common misconception is that come mid-June teachers “check out,” and while it’s true that summer is a time to refuel and recharge, it’s also when we read, invent, reinvent, reflect, and prepare. Because the benefit of having a fresh slate every September comes with a few caveats; one of the biggest being that change is scary. Students worry about their new schedules, the personality and teaching styles of their new instructors, and who will be in their classes. Teachers’ apprehensions are almost identical, and it doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been in the classroom because each year really is “new.” This is the time of year when teachers feel the awesome responsibility we have to help kids learn, inquire, collaborate, and work through the difficult challenges they will face.” 

Christine M. Besack teaches K-5 Art in a Bristol Township school.
All schools need to transform STEM into STEAM.
“This year as an art educator at Brookwood Elementary, I will be integrating even more Math, History, and Reading along with the important Art concepts covered.”

Innovation remains tightly coupled with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – the STEM subjects but it is Art and Design that are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last one.

Our children’s confidence and happiness is a testament to you. You kept the education mind stimulating.
We are all better off in a well educated world. These moments are rare and they have power.  
Vincent B. Cordisco, the dedicated former English and Reading Teacher, Computer Teacher at Centennial School District agreed that school is cool, “especially for retired teachers!”

Then there are new teachers, new friends, new shoes, new notebooks, and……..
Bristol resident, Robert Charles “L.B.” Strack, Jr., Center for Student Learning [CSL] ’19 is “looking forward to encountering new challenges in the school year especially with Math and American History.”

His family traveled to the Poconos and he had the opportunity to swim in Lake Harmony during their vacation. He also helped his father, Robert, Sr. working in his business, Dr. Bob Computers, wiring network cables. L.B. is “excited about going back to school and I’m expecting brand new experiences”.

A teacher by trade, a shining light of love by nature………
A good teacher inspires hope, ignites the imagination, and instills a love of learning.
Being an inclusion teacher can be tough. In an inclusion classroom, students with disabilities and other special needs are taught alongside non-disabled students, instead of being segregated in a special education classroom.

First grade inclusion classroom teacher at Mastery Charter – George Clymer in North Philadelphia, Ashlee Bryn Scarborough is cheerfully looking forward to “meeting all my new students and getting to know their cute personalities. The night before is always a sleepless night filled with excitement. Can’t wait to see their excited faces as they see their new classroom and get to know me, too!”

New year and new gear and maybe even a new school, a big change from elementary school…….
Jessica Valley is entering the 6th grade in Franklin D. Roosevelt Middle School and she is “excited about going back to school. The summer went too fast. I visited New York this summer.” Her favorite subjects are reading and math. 

She selected yet another book to read from the Margaret R. Grundy Library, the spell-binding View from the Cherry Tree by three time Edgar Award–winning author Willo Davis Roberts. “Last year we read The Kidnappers and this is by the same author.” 
So, apparently, fast-paced mystery, suspense and excitement are reads of choice for Jessica.

Carmela Vitarelli was readily accompanying her father, Steven A. Vitarelli, the Grundy Library Technology Services Coordinator through the inviting rows of books. She will be a sixth grader, attending Neil A. Armstrong Middle School and her favorite subject is history. “I like history and reading.”
Her books of choice are from the charming, bestselling Black Stallion series by the late Army veteran Walter Farley, originally published in 1941. The Black Stallion was described as "the most famous fictional horse of the century" by the New York Times. More than 12 million copies of his books about the friendships between horses and children have been sold, in 14 countries.

Carmela plays CYO soccer and sings in the chorus and enjoys the ancient Japanese origami craft, the intricate art of paper folding. “I have made armchairs and such things.”

Some will be savoring their senior sessions, well deserved privileges of senior year……
just 365 days out from leaving the nest…..
Athlete Kayla Marie Ruiz is reading and enjoying the last of the lazy summer days on her porch with her Maltese beagle mix, Lacey, getting her heart and head ready. Her book is the Goodreads Choice Award winning Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, an evocative, ‘twisting in a new direction every few pages’ read.

“I am excited about senior year and all of our activities. We go all out dressing up for the entire week before the Thanksgiving game against our rival, Morrisville.”
Kayla is a most serious student, ranked in the top of her class and an accomplished, adept athlete. She fills the front line as offensive centre forward on the field hockey team. “I went from ninth grade knowing nothing about field hockey to playing one of the most important positions.” 
Kayla is exploring colleges in PA “I want to stay in state” and she is “leaning toward Chemistry major”.

Then there are the grown and flown…..on their way to college….
Spending four years learning, growing and focused almost exclusively on one self is a gift like none other.
Former VJM hurdler, Navya Kotha is “all moved in and ready to start my classes” as a PSU frosh.

Imbibe deeply of all that a University has to offer. Heap your plate with its academic, athletic, cultural and social offerings. Do not squander your time as never again will life mix youth, freedom, opportunity and resources together in quite this heady combination. 
Hope you are left with both the right size sheets and a sense that you are well equipped for this next, independent stage of life. This just-finished-childhood-not-quite-adult chapter is fleeting. Wishing you all the best in what will be some of life’s biggest moments. Be open to surprises and ALWAYS phone home!
P.S. Take everything out of your pockets when you do laundry; stains do not enhance any clothing item.

Now a final few focuses for a FUNtastic school year:
Get enough sleep, it fuels the body. ALWAYS eat a healthy breakfast, it jumpstarts the day. Give your best; it pays dividends forever. Maintain good work habits; writing down assignments and turning in homework on time matters. Good time management can be the difference between a happy student and one struggling with stress. Get TWO flash drives to back up the computer. If you don't understand something, ALWAYS ask the teacher.
Do what is right… not what is easy! This is your moment.

You are worth it! We need you. We believe in you. We are counting on you.
Learn on!

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