"Falling" into Autumn
by Cate Murway

Almost Paradise has been found.
Historic Bristol on the Delaware
is a bustling riverside community
that incorporates its past
into the fabric of its present.
It’s a thriving community of
small businesses, family run,
and owner-operated shoppes
and lovingly restored remarkable
homes, rich in natural beauty
and history.
Bristol Borough is a “classic town”,
the oldest town in Bucks County
and the second oldest borough
in Pennsylvania.
“The houses tell the tale of the Borough's long and storied past with 18th-century dwellings of the American Revolution, Victorian-era riverside mansions, “worker housing” of the Industrial Revolution, and contemporary residences. The story of Bristol is the story of America itself.”
Bordered by the Delaware River, it is a pleasant diverse destination. Bristol hosts a myriad of delightful events of interest to both the young and old alike, including an annual road race, parades, arts and crafts festivals, and historic house tours!

The town is committed to preserving its unique heritage while successfully planning for the future. Bristol is a friendly, safe, clean and beautiful town, attractive to families, senior citizens, children and visitors.

Historic Bristol is situated along the banks of the Delaware River and many chose to escape the torrid summer here by finding much fresh cooler air in the breezes. Where better to find it than on a boat cruising down the river?

A late summer afternoon spent, rod in hand enticing the fish toward your baited hooks, dangling your feet over the side of a wharf is something you apparently never outgrow. Fish or no fish, a patient fisherman remains undeterred.

The historic waterfront Bristol Lion's park, equipped with a postcard-perfect Victorian gazebo and benches, has unequaled gorgeous views of the sparkling Delaware River.
You can also choose to stroll along the walkway enjoying the lovely scenery of the three centuries of architecture reflected in the historical residences and public buildings of the town. This is also a perfect place to read, or just sit and chat.
Parking is ample and it's FREE.

Now is a time of transition, a new year and a new season has arrived along the quaint waterfront of the Delaware River. No longer summer, yet not true fall, but beautiful weather after this past “simmer”.

You can see the water, Burlington Island in the distance, the boats coming and going, and the sun setting. It is a casual, kick-off-your-shoes, refreshing place to visit in the historic riverside of Bristol.

Neighbors and tourists enjoy the charming, scenic area.
Paul Swift grew up in the Township. He and his wife, Veronica now live on Radcliffe Street. She grew up in the Philippines and they met through friends. Paul is fishing for the first time since he was about ten years old. He hasn’t caught anything yet. It doesn’t seem to matter. His wife is just watching.
It’s all about spending quality time doing something you love, with someone you love.

John Colgan and his “I’m just a passenger, the co-pilot” Joyce Sussman took a Yamaha motorcycle ride from Philadelphia to come and relax by the river.
Bristol was home to him at one time. His dad had a business called “Colgan’s TV” near Silver Lake before it was made into a park area.

Just a short walk away is an array of fine restaurants beckoning to explore and enjoy.

Bensalem residents Antonio Carrion, Gina Townsend and her 4th grader son, Kevin like to “fish often” but this is their first fishing day in historic Bristol.  Trout, bass, and sunnies have been caught on their lines in the past. Today the recreational fishermen caught 6 altogether.

Fishing is about so much more than
who catches the biggest fish,
or the most.
Some of the greatest bonding experiences
ever have come from just sitting for hours
fishing and talking.
In the right places, a cane pole, bobber,
and a few worms and crickets
can make for a very fun day.
A pleasurable experience at the Italian Day
festival originally enticed them to return.

Cedar Street resident, PFC Edward Hunt comes to the river to clear his head and mind. “It’s serene out here.” Edward spent 5 years in Germany in the service. “There was no value on life, you’re trained to take life. When you get out, there is a transition to civilian life.”
He was intently staring at the simple three-piece brick Vietnam War Memorial, with a marble coping and the names engraved in the stone.
A vision of the wall is both humbling and inspiring.

James, who works with “Interfaith Housing” and is a Philadelphia Biblical University student and his wife, Krista Richardson reside on Bath Street.
They brought their visiting NY relatives, Brian and Carol Donohue and their daughter, aspiring oil paint artist Brianne Malloy to Lions Park.
So, how do they like Bristol?
“All we’ve been talking about is how pretty it is and how much potential it has.”
James had his birthday celebration at the Doo Wop last Saturday and they loved it!
Krista chimed in, “I just love seeing the whole community come out. It’s just a neat way to meet your neighbors. We had a great time together.”

There is glorious weather but it’s not leisure time for everyone.
Stephanie Bornice, BHS ’05, who works at Italian Family Pizza, and her sons,
Xavier [3] and Bryce [2] were “assisting” Justin Quarles while he worked on Stephanie’s grandparents’ home. He works at Window Wizards but he was replacing a door.
“It’s broken”, Bryce explained. The little faces watch in awe.

Under the crisp crystalline sky, this hidden treasure town is dazzling.
Come, stroll the entire borough.  Full-color accurate and readable street maps of Bristol are still available. Stop in at Schmidt’s Flowers and ask Horace for a $2.00 map.
It is marked clearly with historic sites, shopping centers and social service agencies, created by the late local graphic designer, Bill Zukor.

Bring a thermos and the “Pilot” and enjoy a picnic lunch from a plethora of the corner store delis. The extraordinary estates along the river and the town's excellent handful of gem restaurants harmoniously entice one to a much longer stay than may have been planned.
Visit historic Bristol on the Delaware for another healthy dose of small town America.

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