Little Bit of Paint & Whole Lot of Fun on Mill Street
by Cate Murway

You’ll be amazed. Each new masterpiece is similar, but oh so different. 
Come to Art-Tini, Lower Bucks County's Premier Paint & Pour Art Studio to BRUSH up your talent.
No two renderings are ever alike because the individual personality of each client blends and shines with the paints on the canvas! 
A little bit of paint and a whole lot of fun- “a fun, fresh twist on your average night out!!”
Michelle Ann Paleafico, BHS ’02 invites you in for just $35.00. 
“Come on in, grab a canvas, grab a seat, pour yourself a drink, get comfortable and we will take it from there!!”
And once the fun is over, you leave all the colorful mess and they will take care of that too. What a deal!

Not artsy? Not even a little bit?..... NO PROBLEM.
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!! They promise; if you think you can’t do it, think again!
You get to sit back and relax in the instructor-led art class, as the local, up and coming artists, Mare Limbert and Kate West, guide you through recreating their featured painting of the night.
The paint color choices are acrylic. “It’s fast drying!”

Michelle Paleafico is the inspirational sole proprietor of Art-Tini and she loves anything having to do with historic Bristol on the Delaware. Her favorite colors are gray and teal. “I made the Art-Tini logo teal.”
“This town is a built in loyalty and built in camaraderie. They might not know you, but they know your family. It’s an automatic huge family, of family and friends.”
Like the Rat Pack guys, “I like Frank Sinatra. They always stuck together.”

Her paternal grandparents, Antoinette Rose and Nicholas John Paleafico and her maternal grandparents, John “Jack” and Dorothy Rose Corrigan all lived in Bristol.
Her parents are Michael Anthony, Sr., BHS ’68, a Bristol Borough Public Works retiree, and Virginia Rose “Ginny” [Corrigan] Paleafico, BHS ’67, who has been employed at the Borough Tax Office for 18 years. 
Michelle’s dad, a basketball and football athlete, “did plays and sang and made backdrops for the plays for Mr. William Bagley.”  Her mom’s athletic career included field hockey and softball.
Both her mom and dad are truly supportive of her endeavors and unselfishly step in to assist her. 
Her dad and his buddies, Antonio [Anthony] Russo II, Czar Sarachilli and James V. Zazzarino have been singing together “off and on for forty some years”. They oftentimes practice a cappella in her shop. 
“Forever….Please Don’t Say We’re Through”.
“My mom was a cool chick back in the day. Her first concert was CCR [Creedence Clearwater Revival]. She got me hooked on the Beatles.”

Michelle’s Art-Tini business is rewarding but the time demands can be heavy. 
The former field hockey, basketball and softball athlete is working on balance. Yoga helps and “I thoroughly enjoy coffee. As long as I get time in with my family and friends, I’m good!”
Her home and family are a strong focus.
Michelle’s brother, Michael Anthony, Jr., a BHS ’00 baseball and basketball athlete and his wife Colleen [Briggs] Paleafico, BHS ’02 are a big part of her tight family circle. 
Michelle and her mom and brother are all born on the 13th.
Her birthstone is a Peridot, best known as helping dreams become a reality.

Michelle earned a degree in theatre but she currently works as a Health Clerk in Doylestown, licensing food facilities in Bucks County. “I get to see what health inspectors do on a daily basis.”
One evening, she and some of her co-workers made plans to visit “The Uncorked Artist” in Warminster. Michelle invited her mother to come along. They had a terrific time painting and chatting on the way home. “This would be great for Mill Street, something new and fun to bring people back to the town.”

Local author, William M. “Bill” Pezza and his “Raising the Bar” was the most influencing factor.
 “It had nothing to do with Art. It was really about the town and about Mill Street.”
Mary Elaine “Mare” Limbert, passionate about art, film developing, interior decorating and cats, “Art always came easy to me” is an associate at the Health Department and “has been onboard since Day 1.
“She has no professional training. She just happens to be an amazing artist. She makes the decorations for our Christmas parties.”
Mare enjoys both of her jobs. “Michelle is really fun to work with and she is very passionate!”

Villa Victoria Academy graduate, Katherine Margaret “Kate” West is a family member who always painted, drew or sculpted.  As a young student, she found a phenomenal mentor in Sister Lillian Picco and continued her training as an artist at Pratt Institute in NYC. Kate’s work is displayed in galleries. Her pictures remain unsigned unless she is selling them. She continues to offer her assistance at the Villa Victoria theatre with the sets. 
Kate has three children. Her son takes Saturday classes at the University of the Arts and was a member of the stage crew for “Hello Dolly” at Bensalem High School. Her younger daughter favors “more of the performing side” and her youngest is two.
Working at Art-Tini is a lot of fun.
“Michelle is wonderful. She has such drive and personality and is just an all around great person! I love the clients, too. They are so much fun! I love to help make this experience accessible.”

Michelle and her team are friendly, fun and professional.
“I do everything with laughter and fun. I’m big with the sense of humor!”

The signs of success are a smile that does not fade,
confidence that does not wither,
and a personality that does not get shaken.

Art-Tini, previously the location of the federal Head Start program on Mill Street, provided the perfect spot.
Michelle scoured teacher supply and art supply web sites for her canvas and paints. The brushes are from a local A.C. Moore crafts store.
Jayne McPherson-Young’s “Got Wine?” creates the cheese trays and the pizzas are from Cesare’s, for the “Paint and Pour” Happy Hour classes at $35.00 a person. Michelle and her team decide on a project. 
Anyone can sign up.

The teacher- painted canvases adorn the walls.
Michelle admitted that she painted the “something easy”, ‘LOVE’ sign that is displayed. 
Audrey, Jr., the mysterious plant in the “Little Shop Of Horrors” will be a future assignment, tied in with a discount to the Bristol Riverside Theatre.
President of the Bristol Borough Business Association, Jimmy Bason provides his real “Bird of Paradise Flowers” for the Art-Tini shoppe. “He has a passion for this town. I really admire that!”

Come in for an up to 3-hour private party session. Adults may use the brushes, but the children in the budding artists’ classes, accompanied by an adult, can use their fingers. It’s fun!
“We show you tricks and tips.” No one is better than anyone else. Everyone is a beginner. 
“People may just find their inner artist.”
Everyone leaves with their masterpiece! There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.
One can rediscover their lost artistic talents, or if they think they really don't have any, Michelle and her crew will come to the rescue!
The host/ hostess with 10 paying guests, gets to paint for FREE. Canvas, paint, brushes, soda water, ice and paper products are included.

You’re invited to color your world!

227 Mill Street
Bristol Borough, PA
closed Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday 3:30-10:00 p.m.
Thursday & Friday Noon-10:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m.

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SIGN IS UP!!!! Big big thank you to Katherine at the Spunky Candle for cutting the vinyl! And to Dad of course for cutting, staining and hanging!!!