New Gem in historic Bristol on the Delaware
by Cate Murway

Quite possibly one of the coolest stores for miles!
Mouth-watering aromas. Produce fresh from the field. A plethora of affordable, nutritious farm fresh goodness at the Bristol Amish Market. You'll find the season's first crop of fruits and vegetables, huge selections of cheeses, freshly cut meats, bountiful baked goods, delicious old-fashioned candy, a culinary legacy of sandwiches.... and genuine Amish furniture and hand cut kettlemade soaps, and so much more. Save gas! It’s one stop shopping with over a dozen vendors for everything homemade and fresh.
You are cordially invited to come and enjoy the day and the beauty of historic Bristol on the Delaware!

Because life is uncertain… have dessert first! Do yourself a favor and experience some authentic Pennsylvania Dutch molasses Shoo Fly pie at The Dutch Country Bakery. Perhaps no other single dessert is so identified with Amish Country! The pie gets its name because the molasses attracts flies that must be "shooed" away or another story claims that this is really a French recipe, and that the crumb topping of the pie resembled the surface of the cauliflower, which is "cheux-fleur" in French. Either explanation will do. Who cares? The important thing is to try some. You’ll really enjoy this soundly Pennsylvanian “coffee cake” with a gooey molasses bottom and a fresh-brewed cup'a joe!  Owner, Jacob Zook worked in the first market on Farragut Avenue and happily moved back to Bristol in March 2009.

His daughter, Mary [Zook] Stoltzfus,
“I’m a big Phillies fan!” is the proprietor
of Mary’s Gourmet Donut Shoppe that opens
bright and early at 7:00 a.m.
[please use rear entrance to the market].
Enjoy your fresh ground Green Mountain Coffee,
roasted to the very peak of flavor with your choice
of made from scratch, fresh daily,
hand-rolled donuts, including boston crème,
peanut butter filled and cream filled selections. Are you a fritter critter? Try the crunchy, sweet, melt-in-your mouth on the outside, cinnamon-y dough with apple chunks on the inside apple fritter or bet on the blueberry for a change of pace. These amazing treats are $.75 each and $6.95 a dozen.
Mary loves Bristol. “This whole area is just great! It’s a great town. I just love it!”
She names her favorite lunch choices. “I love the crab cakes and the beef fillets are the best ever! And the breakfast logs are good, too!”
Jacob’s other children, Marian and Jacob, Jr. work with him also. Back at his home in New Holland, he and his wife Mary [Beiler] raise 4000 pigeons for squab [in culinary terminology, squab is the meat from a young domestic pigeon].
Jacob agrees. “Oh, I like Bristol. The people are friendly”.

Next stop is Pistol Pete's Seafood. They are well suited to lunchtime customers since you can call ahead and your order will be ready for pick-up. Selections galore of sandwich wraps prepared with lettuce, tomato and choice of spreads and fried or broiled platters, Lobster Bisque and Maryland Crab [a meal in itself] soups and scrumptious sides of crab stuffed mushrooms, calamari rings, mozzarella sticks or spicy crab fries, just to name a few.  Or you can take home some delicious and exceptionally nutritious, low in calories high in protein, pink-hued salmon. It can be served in a variety of ways and is always a favorite among fish lovers and enjoyed even by those who are not always fond of fish.

The market is packed with strolling customers.

Apartment complex assistant manager, Maryann Reinhardt of Yardley enjoyed her shopping spree. “I like all their goodies, fresh meats, stuffed peppers and stuffed pork chops. These are my favorite- whoopie pies- chocolate devils food with cream inside and one with mint inside. Everything has been good so far.” 

Margaret (Peggy) [VanSant] and Donald Wayne Thullen
                     were totally enjoying their lunch.
        “We come for the furniture, food, bacon,
                      ribs and rotisserie chicken!”

Linda Marsella and Vincent Testa
who will be celebrating their 1st anniversary
in August claimed,
“There’s nothing we don’t like!”
They love the foods, produce, sweets
and they have purchased 2 end tables.

Dorrance Street resident, Rose Kirk “Came for the Long John cream donuts because my husband loves them. The stuffed chicken breasts and their pork chops are great, too!”

Council VP/R.E. agent Robyn Trunell generally comes to buy all her produce here as well as the freshly squeezed orange juice. She always visits the fish market. “Can’t buy fresh food at these great prices anywhere. The people are very friendly and very accommodating!”

Let the furniture beckon.
Amish Furniture Bristol showcases the high quality fine furniture for which Lancaster County has become known.  Owner and craftsman, Elam Esh gives every solid wood piece detailed hand attention, producing a furniture item that will beautify your home and become a family heirloom.

Israel S. Stoltzfus, Jr. runs the retail end
for the dining room and living room sets,
bedroom suites, office furniture, roll top desks
and a variety of other items.
He firmly advises, “Don’t buy imports.”
Amish furniture is celebrated for its durability,
simple elegance, and use of deciduous
[trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally] woods, an expression of the Amish ethos of self-sufficiency, simplicity and functionality.
“One great feature is the dining room table how it opens and closes.” It has built-in extension leaves beneath the tabletop and the legs never move!

Mervin Esh owns the Riverview Outdoor Products where Ivan Esh Huyard sells the sheds and hand built picnic tables and pub tables. Any color or wood can be ordered. Their selection includes gazebos, chairs, and benches.
Marian Chrisman from Oneonta, NY was visiting her son, Kevin and his wife, Jennice and they were about to purchase front porch furniture. The crafted adirondack and rocking chairs in natural caught their eyes and will easily be a favorite for years to come!

Make the next destination deli delights!
Benuel Lapp Stoltzfus and his wife Barbara [Fisher] own the Ben L. Stoltzfus Deli.
Their creamy cole slaw and macaroni salads are always a winner
and perfect for a barbeque or a potluck dinner!
Ben’s specialties include a delicious 7-layer salad
with or without bacon. Do you think soup is a meal?
Decide after you’ve tasted their incredible combinations like
rich and hearty potato cheddar or the country beef vegetable
tomato based soup with beans and corn.
He offers a staggering variety of fancy cheeses,
like their unique raw milk cheese made on their farm,
and standbys of Swiss and American cheese. His special blend of spices and sugar gives the Lebanon bologna a subtle sweetness that makes it a favorite among kids and adults alike.
Does your morning bagel need a makeover? Try some of the richly flavored cream cheese spreads with choices including crabmeat, honey mustard, or garlic & herb that work equally well on bagels and muffins.
Pequea [pronounced Peck-wah ] Valley Farms provides densely creamy, rich and flavorful homemade yogurt in a variety of flavors,  all of them luscious.
[p.s. the peach is excellent- the only sound you'll be able to summon is a deeply satisfied "mmm."] 
Young lad Wayne will smilingly help you with the fresh from the farm Yoders Country Market golden Guernsey milk in plastic or recyclable glass bottles. Fat free skim milk [blue cap], 1 ½% reduced fat milk [red cap], and whole milk [green cap] and yum! chocolate milk comes in ½ gallon or quart glass bottles or gallon containers.
Their farm cows are given excellent care, fed a balanced diet of grain and hay [“grass-fed" means the cows are allowed to graze freely, not fed a processed feed mix] that enables them to produce high quality hormone free milk.
It’s a 1 ½ hour van ride to Bristol Borough but Ben states, “I like the people!”
What is a greeting in Pennsylvania Dutch dialect? Ben smiles. “We just say ‘hi’!”

Pick up a frequent buyer card from Mary Ann Eller and her husband, Paul or Bernice Schoentrup at Kettlemade Soaps and receive a free bar of soap for every nine bars purchased. Kettlemade or cold process, all vegetable oil [olive, coconut, and palm] soap, is made at low temperature to ensure the benefits of the fine ingredients are not lost and comes in over 20 varieties, including oatmeal and honey exfoliating bars, cranberry sorbet, strawberry champagne, and cool water essence soaps.
Try some herbal body milk, designed for daily care, it pleasantly moisturizes, refreshes and smoothes the skin. Wind down and create your own dreamy paradise with the Lavender Pillow Mist. Their products eliminate the need for potentially harmful chemicals. You can get rid of what “bugs” you with Natural Insect Repellant.

Craving for sweets?
Visit Stoltzfus Bulk Candies
for tempting Asher’s chocolates
and homemade chocolate or vanilla, peanut butter,
strawberry, mint chocolate swirl or maple nut fudge
at $7.25/ lb. John’s school age daughter, Marian
does a lot of the packaging. The shelves are stocked
with homemade jams, jarred fruit, and fruit butters
like apple, peach or pear butter; tomato basil, whole wheat and garlic parsley pastas; dried beans, pancake mixes, soft pretzel mix, Shoo fly pie mix in a box and a variety of nuts and dried fruit.

Make some new friends or meet up with old ones while you saunter about.
Don Aikens [Photography by Don Aikens/ Don's Seat Cover Co., Beaver Street] particularly enjoys the pretzel wrapped cheese steak and hot dogs. “They have great cheeses and horseradish pickles. The bakery is out of this world. I especially like the coconut cream donuts!”

Recent “Citizen of the Year” Helen M. Younglove usually gets pies. “I like the berries mostly and the donuts that I shouldn’t have.” Former BCHF President Tillie VanAken is shopping at the Bristol Amish Market for her first time and just taking it all in. “Everything looks good!”

Office manager of the Grundy Commons, Charmaine Sieger indulges in the 7-layer salad with horseradish cheese for lunch.

Bristol Rotarian Joseph F. Hetherington “stops in three times a day” for his meals and coffee and bakery treats.

Friends, Ellie McCaffrey from Philadelphia and Croydon resident Marie Foehl like the cinnamon surprise and caramel popcorn.

Borough resident Susan Rachlin mainly buys the spices and the packaged pastas. “Today I bought sesame seeds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. The crunchy dried green beans are good for a snack.” She also buys chicken gizzards and livers for her dogs.

Borough resident Paul Mandelaro says everything is very fresh! He buys the sweet salami and fresh mozzarella from the deli. “I like the pastries the best. The cheese and cinnamon breads and the sticky buns are very appealing!”

Thomas Cooper and clerk, Barbara own TAB [Tom & Barb] Socks. Besides regular and diabetic socks [$4.00/3 prs. or 3 packs for $10.00], they sell underwear and shirts and always have new items coming in. The perfect place for school socks! [sorry, kids!]

Bristol Amish Market welcomes you to a kaleidoscopic of merchandise and takeout and gourmet goods. This is just a sampling. Mark you calendars for the July 17th & 18th Pig Roast and horse drawn Buggy Rides!

Bristol Amish Market LLC
498 Green Lane
Bristol, PA 19007-4001
Coffee Shoppe Hours: Thurs: 7-6, Fri: 7-7, Sat: 7-4  
Market Hours:            Thurs: 9-6, Fri: 9-7, Sat: 9-4

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John Stoltzfus' nephew, Nathan