Insurance is their Policy
by Cate Murway

Today, you can even buy insurance on the Internet and over the phone.
Enter Richard Edward Dolan, Temple U and Eric David Rosen, Colorado State U to historic Bristol on the Delaware on October 1, 2009 to keep the “high touch” end in this increasingly “high-tech” world.
Their experience, education and personal connection with you can save you money and help you better protect yourself and your family.
Rick and Eric are prepared to make a STATEment. Let their journey begin. ALL it takes is ALL they’ve got and they are obviously ready to give it a go!

“There are so many reasons we decided to bring the only Allstate in Bristol to Mill Street.  I think it would be a good story on the revitalization of the riverfront, and I am confident you will capture our enthusiasm on the potential of doing business in Bristol for many years to come!  We are young professionals that look forward to helping Mill Street become bustling with consumers as it once was.”

The two young entrepreneurs are determined to help you select a custom-fit insurance program that's just as affordable as one-size-fits-all. They help you feel confident with your insurance decision so you can go from “hoping you're protected” to “knowing you're protected”. Insurance is an an extra level of protection that will help you deal with the financial ramifications of any calamity.

They chose to offer a full portfolio of insurance plans: property, casuality, personal, auto, life insurance and fixed inuities, after having worked together at All State Liberty Agency in Philadelphia in the mortgage field. They are disciplined and hard working and extremely optimistic. For them, the sky's the limit. It really is what you make it!

Rick and Eric, both Philadelphia residents, were resolutely looking for a location outside the city but one that was convenient to the city.  They drove around for days and weeks and when they saw Mill Street, that was it.
“This is what Allstate is looking for. This is it!”
They located a perfect storefront, one previously housing an insurance business.
“There was charm and it’s quaint and with a big front display window.”
They have painted the interior a soft tone of cheery yellow.
“Bristol is such a well kept secret!”

The only thing that endures over time is the law of the farm: one must prepare the ground, put in the seed, cultivate, weed, water, and nurture growth.
Correct principles are like compasses: they are always pointing the way.
Rick and Eric obviously have a plan and the discipline to make that plan work. They are focused at radically distinguishing themselves in the insurance industry. Their values are underpinned by the highest standards of integrity, honesty, loyalty and service excellence with razor sharp accuracy.

Listening well is an art – a skill honed by practice, study, and observation. They will listen closely and kindly, putting you in that head-and-heart space to truly be sensitive to your needs. After all, insurance is more than just a necessity; it helps secure that which is important to you. The best policies protect you, your family and your assets.
Together, they can take a look at your overall coverage needs and create a plan to help you consider the insurance options that address your unique concerns. They will be there to help you reevaluate and update your policies as your requirements change over time.

If deciphering all the different features of insurances becomes too confusing and the world of policies appears too complicated, call Rick and Eric. Your Allstate Agents are motivated, driven, and well organized. They know where to go, whom to ask, what the technical jargon terms mean and a myriad of other things to assist you to navigate through.

Eric has stated, “As an Allstate Agent in Bristol, I know many local families. My knowledge and understanding of the people in this community help me provide customers with an outstanding level of service. I look forward to helping families like yours protect the things that are important - your family, home, car, boat, and more.”

They are members of BBBA and were recently involved in the 32nd Annual Bristol Antique Auto Show sponsored by the Bristol Borough Business Association. Both are looking forward to working the bar-b-que for the Redemption Church in the parish house of St. James Episcopal Church, along with Steve and Susan Corleto, owners of Steve’s Tees and DeSigns on 207 Mill Street and the soon to open Sweet Mustard Seed on 307 Mill Street.
Rick and Eric are currently cheerfully sampling the inspired menues of excellent food offered in all the warm and friendly dining establishments throughout the Borough.

“I am very happy that they have moved on to Mill Street. They are very progressive thinking. They are willing to work and they are go-getters. They are active members of the BBBA and they come up with ideas for the events and they help with the events”, Richard P. Vallejo, President of The Bristol Borough Business Association, adamantly stated.

They are looking to be a true staple in this riverside community.
“It’s all about helping people. People are looking to save a couple of bucks. Some are spending too much money for an insurance policy that isn’t giving them the best coverage. Let’s look at your total picture.”
They aim to make sure each household is protected and adaquetely preparing for its family’s future.

Ask them about the “Parent-Teen” driving contract and the “Good Student” discount for automobile insurances. DVDs for teen drivers, and tips for how to help teens keep a safe driving record are available. They will help you get the conversation started regarding your teen’s key driving responsibilities, the consequences associated when those responsibilities aren’t met and help define your role in helping your teen succeed.

There's no fee for working with an Allstate Agent, the Good Hands®. You'll get an experienced professional who knows you and can help you get the coverage that is best suited to your needs, which could save you even more money.
You can't get that kind of help from a website or toll-free number.
Stop in to see Rick or Eric.
They’ll keep the light on for you!

Allstate Insurance - The Riverstone Agency
Eric Rosen & Richard Dolan
205 Mill Street
Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm