30 Shades of White
by Cate Murway

A picture is worth a thousand words. Local photographic artists have captured scenes in this picturesque little town of historic Bristol on the Delaware that speak volumes. Snow brings unexpected reprieves from the day-to-day and powerfully blankets the surroundings in serenity.
Something about snowstorms just brings out the kid in most of us. There’s something more: something like pure, primal excitement. “Snow day!” 
Hope you were ready for the 2015 Big Dig.

David Dzubinski Photography

Barbara Matthews
Christa Lydon Barlow​
Amber Ray
Gloria Wagner
Marie Morin Meyer
Rob Strasser, co-owner of King George II
Michael Gorman, co-owner of Spice & Co.
Andrew Dittman, 
owner of Calm Waters Coffee Roasters
Dave Rutkowski
Young actor, Ciaran Barlow returns home to Bristol Riverside Theatre stage for 'Ragtime'
Erika Kuzma
Amy Waldron
Ann Marie Townsend-Corrigan
John Root
Anna Larrisey, Borough Tax collector
courtesy of Bristol Riverside Theatre
Mindy Ratini 
son, Mike in backyard of their Radcliffe Street home
Dave McGlynn
across the Delaware to Burlington NJ
Raquel Cruz Vertucio
MaryJane Silvestri DiMona
Jeanne D'Emidio
backyard of their Radcliffe Street home
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