CELEBRATE Two Zero One 8!
by Cate Murway

Joy to the New! 
It's exciting and maybe a tad scary but it's true, 2018 is here. It’s the 18th year of the 3rd millennium, the 18th year of the 21st century, the 9th year of the 2010’s decade, and the Jewish year 5778.
Many are indulging in retrospection and reevaluation and making New Year's resolutions, a tradition which dates as far back as the Roman times. 

So, inquiring minds want to know……how can you make this be your best year yet?

“Raising the Bar goal- 2017 was a terrific year for the Borough. My goal is to sustain the effort that led to the success, which is a partnership with Borough Council, the empowerment of volunteers and the strengthening of the Borough's restaurant association. On a personal note, Karen and I will work to help our son and daughter-in-law expand their thriving new restaurant, ITRI wood fired and spend quality time with our beautiful grandchildren. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year!” Author Bill Pezza, Bristol, PA

This could be a ‘Banner Year’; one with a ‘Bumper Crop’, just shy of miraculous!

“#1. Find a flexible PT job to earn +/- $10K for 2018 #2. Lose 50 lbs by 1 September 2018 #3.Write an article or blog, post at least monthly beginning 1 April under the guidance of a mentor with the intention of refining my talents to a level that my writing will provide another source of income. Measurable, reasonable and attainable.” 
 Bill MacDonald, Charlotte, NC

Play is an important source of relaxation and stimulation.

“My employment situation is burdensome and often abusive. I have allowed the number of hours I am in that situation to affect my outlook since a vast majority of my time is spent in that environment. However, if I do not look at how many hours I spend in that situation, but instead count my blessing based on sheer number, I realize that only one aspect of my life (employment) is significantly subpar while all of the other aspects --- my wife, our homes, our children and grandchildren and pups, our time spent in Sea Isle, my faith and many other things are wonderful. And so my goal for 2018 is to focus on the many blessings God has given me, rather than on the one major cross, despite the amount of time that cross involves.” Larry Katz, Esq., Havertown, PA

Often, quite grandiose plans are made every January.

“Yeah, yeah but seriously did you expect anything less?
1) Write it down 2) Put a date on it 3) Break it down into steps 4) Make each step a plan 5) Back each step with action 6)… are you kidding me? Goals should never be complicated. In fact goals are for the dreamers who are never satisfied. Goals are the future but most folks forget the joys of the present. 
My goal is simple. Upon wakening … ‘Damn, made it into another day, okay, let’s try to do better than yesterday.’ Not very complicated and most days are successful.” Bill Slack, Hudson, FL

It’s all up to you!

“One of my goals is to sell lots of my art. I love my paintings.” Brenda Blanche, Levittown, PA

“I am booked until August of next year with freelance work with Sesame place, painting rides, attractions and such, I also will be painting at Pro Vision, painting corporation environments and hanging graphics steadily in between available times with Exact image. I am setting goals of painting a certain amount of glasses per month. I hope to paint at least 60 per month which will give me about 720 glasses and other accessories by the time my retail season comes up. Within this time period I hope to be hired to do several paint parties which is the addition to my home based business. With these goals I hope to achieve a third of increased revenue in 2018.” Lorraine Cocci, Bristol, PA

Words of Wisdom from the 1995 Villa Joseph Marie valedictorian during “Take a JEM to Work” week:

“I was telling my "JEMS" at work this week to actually be present and enjoy their lives. I see too many of their generation experiencing their lives looking at everything through their phone screens. They are too busy trying to document everything that they don't actually "live" in the moment.” Dr. Tricia M. [Petrucelli] Loehrig, DO, Feasterville, PA

The highest form of wisdom is kindness.

“My goals for 2018 are to make sure my ambitions are more "others" focused than self. If my prayers, dreams and hard work are focused on me alone, I'll miss my calling and fail in my ultimate purpose. It is fine to want some things for oneself, but ultimate fulfillment comes when we contribute to the greater good.” Susan Corleto, Langhorne, PA

“Love more. Be more thankful. Finish school and dedicate efforts to God and my family.”
Tara C. Carleton, Baltimore, MD

Be kind to yourself as you work towards change. It takes a while to integrate new thoughts and patterns and new habits into one’s life that will help make one be a better version of one’s self.

Crystals are thought to be a powerful tool to help one keep New Year resolutions; you know, the goals that are set while riding the wave of end of the year optimism. 

The Mignoni sisters are prepared to help! Come see their classic Made in the USA Swarovski “reese and rose” collection. Visit Mignoni Jewelry & Gifts on 200 Mill Street and set your goals in motion with “bling” AND a renewed “crystal” clear focus. Blessings and Happy New Year!

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"What I think about 2018....survive this hostile time in history of the USA. Too many angry people, distrust, hate repeating itself. People should learn from the past!! I'm upset what kind of world we are leaving for our Grandchildren.
We grew up to learn, work for what we wanted and to be kind to others. All in all, I'm upset!!!
Faith is always "pending"." Audrey Vogenberg, Langhorne, PA  

"For 2018 my goal is to finish my fourth book. It's a practical training manual on "how" to lead a Christian ministry - in or along side of the Church. Very much a practical approach, which is what I used in the Bible College I established.
A blessed New Year to you." Pastor Ed Jones, BHS '57, Wilmington, DE

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