Makin’ Year ’17 the Best Ever Seen!
by Cate Murway

“It's just another New Year's Eve, It's just another Auld Lang Syne,
 But when we're through this New Year
 You'll see, will be Just fine.”

One hundred years ago, New Year's 1917 was, in reality, if truth be told, an all out downer.
"Street Crowds' Silent Greeting to The New Year," the Reading Times headlined on Jan. 1, 1917.
Some stalwart souls gathered on the streets of Reading to celebrate the coming of the New Year, heralded by ringing of church bells, blowing of factory whistles and tooting of the loud and penetrating fish horns. But WWI preparation had cast a pall over the New Year. A hint of what was to come was reported in the newspapers a few days before in an article blasting "Draft Power To Be Exercised Without Notice." There was truly reason to be sullen.
On April 6, just over three months into 1917, the U.S. would join its allies, Britain, France, and Russia, in World War I. 

This New Year 2017 should seriously be one of the best ever, full of excitement and intrigue!
After all, what better way to start the New Year than with a fresh outlook on life?
No all or nothing…. Inch by inch life is a cinch.
This local area has had a great 2016 and it is appropriately poised for a big 2017 starting with the Small Business Revolution team visit this week. There should be nothing but excitement for what's ahead!
Historic Bristol on the Delaware is in the running to be that one special small town that would benefit from a $500,000 boost for its small businesses and downtown area.
So, are you feeling the start of something new? Let your thoughts turn to expectation.

OK....... it's a clean slate......what have YOU written in for 2017?

“Clean slate, huh! I’m thinking mine is always clean. I live in the moment. The future is just marks on the calendar perhaps best used for appointments that may or may not be kept. The past exists only as happy memories created as the results of immersing oneself completely in the present. Taking the time to live and enjoy the moments of the present is a full time job. Seems like the concept of plans waste valuable space in the present. Besides, at my age, the element of surprise keeps boredom at a distance.”
Bill Slack, Hudson, FL

“So much of what ‘Raising the Bar’ did in 2016 was to lay the ground work for 2017 with completion of the day dock program this spring. We should hear in late January if we will receive the DCED grant for façade improvements in the Mill Street area and we'll be busy with the implementation. Finally, we'll hear on February 9 if we've made the final four out of the original 14,000 applicants for the national Main Street competition, the Small Business Revolution. We plan to win. We're already winners to have come this far and we will build upon the momentum the contest has generated to move forward. Happy New Year!” 
 Author/ BCCC Prof Bill Pezza, Bristol Borough, PA

NOTE TO SELF: Every day consciously give yourself a moment when you are doing NOTHING except appreciating a beautiful view or a favorite spot.

“On New Year's Day every year, I revise my list. This year I'm going to Havana, Cuba and I want to learn to be a better cook through cooking lessons and I would like to join a drumming circle. I like the idea of having goals and accomplishing things in my life. I'm excited that you are doing an Article on this and I look forward to see what people share. I hope you have a wonderful new year.”
Author/ Therapist Dr. Francine Barbetta, Washington Crossing, PA

NOTE TO SELF: Unplug. Spend an hour, 10 hours, or a full day without a cell phone, Blackberry, computer, or games. Always bet on the power of human connection.

“Pick up activities I haven't had time to do in 2016. Knitting. Scrapbooking. Sewing. Studying a foreign language.” 
 Tracy Bautz Hollister, Newtown, PA

“We're not alone; we've got the world you know. And it won't let us down, just wait and see.”

“I want to enjoy my family and friends to the fullest and wish them a healthy and rewarding New Year.” 
John Ruszin, Bristol Borough, PA

NOTE TO SELF: Kitchens are getting fancier and fancier, and fewer and fewer people are actually using them. Get back in there. Prepare your food from fresh ingredients and invite some friends!

“I'm going to have surgery and get my life back. I'll also succeed with my artistic talent. It'll be a very positive year!!!” 
Joy Borsavage, Bristol Borough, PA 

NOTE TO SELF: Make small, positive decisions, moving closer and closer to good health.

“Our organization has made a pledge and a plan to have Youth Sports year-round for the kids of Bristol borough.” 
BB Youth Football & Cheerleading Program President, Christopher L. Chapman, Bristol Borough, PA

NOTE TO SELF: Give away 1% more of your income than last year; volunteer at a food bank; go out of your way for someone who seemingly has no way to repay you. Incorporate activity into your daily routine. Find reasons to stay active.

“Yes! My resolution is to live a life with more grace, for myself and others.”
Gina Lopez McLaughlin, Sacramento, CA

NOTE TO SELF: Living in the midst of clutter saps your energy. Confront your inner clutterbug.

“Another year with less stress involved with the closing of the Bristol Jewish Center.
Celebrating another year with my bride of 65 years and good health and happiness for all of our friends.” 
 Alan and Audrey Vogenberg, Langhorne, PA

“Finish school and get my non-profit up and running.” Rosalie Berrocal, Bristol Borough, PA

Now look into your New Year with fresh eyes filled with faith, trust, and hope.
Put yourself on the line to create something more personal, more local, and more meaningful.
Happy New Year!

Italicized lyrics "It's Just Another New Year's Eve" artist: Barry Manilow

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